Gendros CC began life as the only English speaking church in Fforestfach.  In 1894/95, a few young men had left the Welsh Congregational Church to start an English Church and Sunday School.  In 1913, this church moved to a new building in a prominent position near the main cross roads.

So, in the 1840’s, when the growing demand for coal brought English miners into the area, they found that the local farming community consisted of mainly Welsh speakers.  With the  dominant language being one that they could not speak, they naturally found themselves swelling the congregation at ‘the English speaking church’.

In 2014 the church members decided to sell the existing church and purchase a vacated Gospel hall nearby.  The smaller building was much more suitable for the existing congregation.

Radical improvements have been implemented to both the outside and inside of the church building.

A warm welcome awaits all who come to join us in worship.